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                      ZWZ focuses on customers'demands
                      and challenges,provide problem solutions
                      and value-added services,and create
                      maximum value for customers

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                      ZWZ has 9 manufacturing bases, 10 business divisions, 26 wholly-owned and holding branch companies and subsidiaries globally.
                      ZWZ owns two bearing brands, ZWZ and KRW. The company adopts international standards and can produce more than 20,000 specifications of bearing products in ten categories with various precision levels from 20mm inner diameter to 16m outer diameter, which are mainly used in industrial equipments, railway transportation, automotive vehicles, wind power and special applications.
                      ZWZ has a national large-scale bearing engineering and technology research center, a national enterprise technology center, a bearing inspection and test center, and overseas R&D centers in Europe and the United States, that has established 8 technology innovation platforms concerning simulating calculation, materials, lubrication, inspection and so on.
                      • 1938
                        Founded in
                      • 8400
                        Employees around
                      • 20000
                        Product types over
                      ZWZ has successively passed international management system certifications such as ISO9000, ISO14001, QS9000 and ISO18000. It has more than 20,000 bearing products, all with independent intellectual property rights, and its products cover wind power, automobiles, railways, metallurgical heavy machinery, industrial equipment and other fields.
                      • Radial Bearing
                      • Thrust Bearings
                      • Slewing Bearing
                      • Joint Bearing
                      • Bearing Related Products
                      Sales Network
                      ZWZ sales network covers whole China and has strong footprints in north America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia etc
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                      Industry Application
                      ZWZ focuses on and deliver the application, service and innovation of railways, automobiles, electric power, steel, cement, construction machinery, precision power transmission, special industries and other industries.
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                      Automobile industry
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                      Hot line:4001673377
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